Marriage First: Buying Clothes With a Baby Bump in Mind

baby bump I’m not pregnant. Nor do I plan to be pregnant anytime soon. But I did a spot of shopping when Paul and I were in Las Vegas with my family, and one item I tried on made me think something I had never thought before.

This sweater would look great with a baby bump under it.

I couldn’t believe that idea popped into my mind. I couldn’t deny it, though: The long, striped, clingy sweater that I’d wear with leggings and boots was practically designed to have a big round belly under it (even though I checked that I didn’t accidentally grab a top from H&M’s maternity section).

My mom, who was waiting outside my stall in the changing room, called out, “Everything all right in there?” I guess I was taking longer than that I thought. Perhaps it was all that time I spent puffing out my stomach (which, sadly, doesn’t need to be puffed out all that much), posing in the mirror, and checking out my sideways reflection to get a feel for what I’d look like as a prego in this sweater.

I swear I would’ve bought it even if it didn’t look so hot on a curved tummy, but since it takes me years to part with clothes, and we’re starting to save up to buy a house, I thought this purchase was extra-smart because I’d get use out of it for those five-ish months I’ll be showing eventually.

Have you ever pondered your own pregnancy look? Tell me your tales of sticking out your tummy in dressing-room mirrors (or, you know, wherever else)!