Husband Material: Meet All-Around Good Guy Dan

Though this may be a wedding, marriage, and baby blog, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my fabulous unattached readers. That’s where my new feature, Husband Material, comes in.

As often as I can (and if you’re single, you know how hard it is to find amazing single guys), I’ll profile incredible, available men looking to settle down. And to kick off the column, I’d like to introduce you to the most eligible bachelor I know: Dan. We worked at the same company last year and I can verify that he’s a genuinely nice guy. Just how nice is he? He agreed to answer the following probing questions. Here’s what being married to Dan would be like.

The Basics
Age: 29
Location: New York City
Height: 6’4
He’ll chip in by: Working in finance for an online health company

The Details
His favorite things: The outdoors: hiking, rafting, rock climbing. He’s also recently taken up photography. “Put them together and (pardon the pun) I’m a happy camper.”
Vice his wife will have to tolerate: Not exactly a vice, but he’s not the best at remembering names and faces. “I’ll remember her favorite movies and foods and odd things like what she was wearing on a special occasion, but she has to be prepared for me to ask more than once who’s who of her friends.”
Motivation for marriage: Love. “I feel people are happiest when they give their soul to someone and receive that unconditional love and affection right back.”
His baggage: “I’ve had my fair share of heartbreaks, and it hurts and changes you. While there’s always the fear of being hurt again, I think the excitement of opening yourself to someone potentially even more wonderful outweighs the cost of potentially being rejected.”
The perfect wife (in 5 words or less): Smart, funny, patient, spontaneous, and kind.

Single New York girls, leave a comment if you’re interested in meeting Dan! And if you guys do wind up getting married, just remember who set you up when you’re naming your firstborn. 🙂

All the single ladies, put your hands up! What kind of guy are you looking for? What habits/histories would be deal-breakers for you?

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