Husband Material: Meet Cat-Loving Comedy Fan Sandip

I love when my friends contact me with a great guy they want to set up. That means we have a quality man on our hands. New York gals, see if you’re a match:

Here’s what our mutual friend Kamala has to say about him:
“He’s incredibly caring, hilarious, and loyal. He’s intelligent, well-informed, and principled. He would take wonderful care of the lucky girl he ends up with. And he makes a mean pizza.”

Now here’s what Sandip has to say about himself:

The Basics
Age: 36

Location: New York, NY

Height: 6’0

He’ll chip in by: Working as a psychiatrist

The Details
His favorite things: Playing tennis, doing comedy, reading, and adventure travel

Vice his wife will have to tolerate: “I don’t believe in the 60-hour work week. I would much rather live comfortably, put time into healthy living and experiencing life.” (MB note: Doesn’t sound like a vice to me!)

Motivation for marriage: “I’m getting tired of dating.”

His baggage: “I have two kittens that I couldn’t let go to the shelter.” (Aw!)

The perfect wife (in 5 words or less): Intelligent, independent, supportive, sexy, fun

New York kitty fans, comment below if you’re interested in meeting Sandip–or message me on Twitter @mereditor.

And Massachusetts singles: Check back next week for our first New England bachelor!

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