The Strange New Party That Married Couples Are Throwing

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I like any excuse to throw a party. I desperately wanted a half-birthday party when I was six months away from turning 14. Paul and I celebrate our dating anniversary by hosting dozens of guests at our apartment each year. I even started planning a hypothetical five-year wedding anniversary party before we were married a full 365 days. So I would’ve expected myself to be on board with this new kind of party, but I’m so not.

I’m a fan of Babycenter on Facebook (entirely because I worked for their competitor,–and I didn’t know I was still a fan until today), and they shared a thread on their message boards about planning a party I had never heard of before: a TTC party. For the uninitiated, like I was before I started working for parenting magazines, TTC = trying to conceive. And a TTC party seems to be a gathering of friends and family to wish a couple well before they stop using birth control.

Now, it’s entirely possible this was intended as an April Fool’s joke–it was originally posted on March 30th by a Babycenter staffer. But I could see this catching on. Brides who have post-nuptial depression may not be willing to wait eight-ish months for their next big party, aka a baby shower. And maybe the decision to make babies is something worth celebrating. Some middle-aged parents would be overjoyed to hear this news!

Just don’t expect an invite from me for a TTC party. Though I’ll probably tell my best friends when we’re trying because I can keep everyone’s secrets but my own, I like the idea of having something that only Paul and me know. Maybe he and I will go out for a nice dinner (with some delicious chocolate dessert, of course) the night we start trying.

But if I invited my dad over to a TTC party, his reply would 100% be, “I don’t want to know these things.” I suspect most guests would concur.

Do you think this TTC party thing is real? Would you throw one for yourself? Would you attend a friend’s?

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  • Jana Tyler

    That… wow. I just can’t imagine setting myself up for that, *because* I found out in October I have PCOS, which is still early and not that big of a deal, not ready for kiddos just yet, so I’m preparing the baby factory for business while keeping the doors shut LOL, BUT what if you host a party like this, and every single month you still aren’t pregnant and EVERYONE wants to be all up in your junk waiting for the good news, and you find out you’ll have issues? Major issues? I just feel like doing this, its just asking for trouble. Asking for Drama and inviting people into your very private business, and what if it doesn’t go well? It’d be like asking for a “We’re thinking about getting married!!!” Party before you are even engaged. What if one of you die? Or cheat? Or whatever? Its just asking for it… *sigh* -end rant- :) That being said, I think it’s very sweet that a couple would be that excited, I can see us hosting a dinner party or several just to enjoy the last several months of couple-hood. THAT I can see :)

    • Meredith Bodgas

      Yes! And inviting people to that party is inviting them to check in on your uterus. Ha, can you imagine if people threw pre-engagement parties? There would be so many that didn’t have weddings to follow up with. 

  • Laura

    I actually found this page because I want to have one, and was googling to see if other people do it! We’re also considering a big vacation, because for me, it’s one big last hoorah before giving up some of the wonders of childless life. And one last hoorah before making my body a baby-safe place. And while I probably won’t tell my friends the moment I find out I’m pregnant, I’d rather not have to hide from them the fact that I might be. Maybe I’m giving my friends/family too much credit, but I don’t think they’d cause too much drama about it.

    • mereditor

      Glad you stumbled upon this! I wholeheartedly encourage you to take a blowout trip before you start trying. We did that and are so happy we did! (You might like my post “The Best Before-a-Baby Advice I Never Got.”) I’m also really glad we didn’t have a TTC party. It IS a very exciting milestone and I DID wind up telling some people we were trying, but what wound up happening was that those people would (understandably so) ask for updates on whether or not I was pregnant yet, and when I got pregnant 7 months after we started trying, I wasn’t ready to tell them I was expecting yet because I was afraid I’d miscarry and wouldn’t want to get people excited only to disappoint them. I’m very lucky not to have miscarried, but it’s so common that I’m glad we didn’t tell too many people until I was in my second trimester. But whatever you decide, congrats on making this big move!

  • Renee

    Our TTC party is going to be our wedding later this year! :)

    • mereditor

      Makes sense to me! Have fun!