Get Ready to Be Jealous: Here’s What Brides and Bridesmaids in Sevilla, Spain, Wear

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To the left is what I thought I’d see on bridesmaids in the southern Spanish town of Sevilla because, well, I’m an idiot. I also assumed that brides would wear approximations of those flamenco dresses, only in white, of course. How wrong I was. And how envious I am of what these women look like on their wedding days.

I love everything about this bride’s look (click the pictures to see ’em larger). Obviously, she’s blessed with good genes, but her sophisticated style is what made me take this paparazzi shot. I’m a fan of the non-straplessness of her dress which, with the exception of the pearl-studded straps, is pretty simple. But what I adore is her bold choice of a presentation bouquet–the more linear arrangement of calla lilies and lavender-colored roses you see lying on her forearm–and the polished pinning of a veil under her updo.

So that’s Paul in the foreground (sort of) obliging my request that he pose when I’m really snapping the lovely bride heading down the stairs. Again, I dig that this dress isn’t strapless. In fact, its elegance comes from the coverage it offers. She keeps the streamlined look going with white calla lilies on their long stems.

Clearly, we were in a popular spot for taking wedding pictures! What struck me about these women was that their dresses seemed more like what brides in my area wear, even though the skirt on the one closer up is all Sevilla. But isn’t it interesting how everyone’s veils are floor-length?

Bridesmaids were a little harder to stalk, er, shoot. But we did catch some outside the luxe Hotel Alfonso XIII. These girls were so chic. The bright blue color is especially striking because you normally only see that in shorter dresses in the states. And the different sleeves, necklines, and, uh, backlines were neat, too.

Who wins for style: Spaniards or Americans? Which dress is your favorite? Would you use that electric blue hue for your bridesmaid dresses?

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  • Steph271

    Hahaha you crack me up Meredith! Did you actually think Spanish women got married in Flamenco-style dresses? I’m from Germany – and no, German women certainly DON’T get married in dirndls… :)
    Wedding dress styles in Europe are actually pretty much the same as in the US. Oh and those blue bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! I wanted blue to be one of our wedding colors but my fiancé vetoed it :(

    • mereditor

      Ha, I didn’t picture exactly those dresses in the window, but I thought most of the skirts would be ruffled and everything would have a Flamenco feel! I definitely didn’t think European dresses would be similar to American ones–I don’t know why! Sorry you didn’t get your blue wedding hue. What’d you wind up using for colors instead?

      • Steph271

        No worries, I just thought it was funny.
        While it’s definitely nice that our dresses are pretty similar to American ones, it always annoys me when I can’t buy a certain designer over here in Europe.
        For example, I’ll find a really cute dress on Pinterest but then I discover you can’t buy it in Germany and it’s not to be found anywhere in Europe either and they also don’t ship to Europe. Grrrrr :( It’s just too expensive to fly across the pond to go shopping but maybe that means I need to move! :)
        Anyway, we’re going with green and purple for our wedding colors now. I wanted green and blue but I guess purple is close enough, especially if we stick with a dark eggplant hue.

        • mereditor

          I should’ve known the dresses would be similar, though–I’ve seen plenty of British weddings!

          That IS frustrating not to be able to find designers you want at home. I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but you could take the picture of the dress you found on Pinterest to wedding salons and ask them if they carry anything similar or could recommend a designer that is sold in Germany that does similar work.

          I LOVE green and purple for weddings (well, I love purple for anything). There are lots of pretty bluish-purple flowers (hyacinth is one of my favorites) that could get you more of the blue hue you want without straying too far from the green-and-purple color scheme. Have so much fun planning!

  • Paz Sanchis

    Hi Meredith! Im a spanish reader, so I loved this post! I think the reason you didn´t see a lot of bridesmaids is because well…we just don´t have them! The whole “bridesmaid” thing is a new trend imported from the States that is starting to show up in spanish weddings veeeeery slowly, so you would get to see bridesmaids in 1 out of 100 weddings I would say…As for who wins for style I don´t know, but in Spain in very common to get your dress custom-made, so I think there´s much more variety in dresses than in the States (I used to live there so I´ve seen plenty of “real” american brides). Anyways, love your blog!! Take care (and excuse me for my spelling!).

    • mereditor

      Hi, Paz!
      Thanks so much for writing! So interesting that having bridesmaids isn’t so popular there–and that custom-making wedding gowns is! Your spelling is impeccable (probably better than mine). I’m thrilled to hear you enjoy the blog! :)

      • Steph271

        Paz is right about the whole bridesmaid thing. We don’t really “do” bridesmaid over here in Europe even though you start seeing them more and more often – usually at weddings where people have actually lived in the US before or are otherwise heavily influenced by American culture. In Germany, we traditionally have a maid of honor and a best man at weddings but that’s usually it. I’m planning on having bridesmaids though :) I think I’ll only go with 2 bridesmaids though because I don’t like weddings where the wedding party consists of 10 or more people, I think that’s just way over the top. Plus I don’t know how my older relatives would react :)

        • mereditor

          Fascinating! I think 2 bridesmaids is lovely. I’m not a fan of the whole 10 bridesmaids thing, either. It seems to me the more women you give an honor to, the less of an honor it is. But I know brides who don’t want to hurt feelings and would rather include more friends than fewer. I get that.