Spoiler Alert: Almost Everyone on ‘Bridezillas: Where Are They Now’ Is Divorced

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cake with beheaded groom topperWhile we were planning our wedding and for the couple years after when my livelihood depended on writing for brides, I watched a lot of wedding TV shows, including the weekly train wreck known as Bridezillas. These days, I’m more likely to flip to HGTV on a weekend morning to catch house-hunting shows. Today, though, when Love It or List It went to commercial, I changed to We TV (hey, I get to watch this stuff only when Paul’s sleeping—I’ve got to take advantage!). And while what I saw shouldn’t have surprised me, it made me sad.

This particular episode of Bridezillas: Where Are They Now must’ve been a bit older because I recognized every single couple on the show (no, I’m not proud of it). I got to relive the emotional—and sometimes physical—outbursts, the abuse these women inflicted on their fiances and friends, and the confusion I experienced when I just couldn’t figure out why they were getting married in the first place.

As it turned out, the vast majority shouldn’t have. The editors cleverly focused on the moments in which those brides wondered aloud about that same thing, right before slapping a bright-red “DIVORCED” stamp over the couple’s faces, with the requisite accompanying thud sound.

Whenever people take marriage lightly, it irritates me. It’s not a right that everyone in this country has, so those with the privilege should consider it one. To see that these couples spent months bickering over a party just to throw away their relationship upsets me.

What’s more upsetting: how the show revels in these splits. “With more breakups than ever before!” a cheery female voice-over announced at the top of the show. Yeah, I know it’s reality TV’s job to make you feel better about your own life, but being on the show likely contributed to the ridiculous actions these women took—and perhaps even the post-wedding separations.

On the flip side, some of the relationships have endured, and somehow, that restored my faith in humanity. One particular bride, once an overly dramatic, thin blonde who more often cried to get her way than reasoned with those hampering her happiness, was now an overly dramatic, overweight brunette. And while I weep for the baby daughter she’s brought into this world, who’s already being pressured to hit milestones early, it warmed my heart to know that this woman’s groom was still by her side and that televised explosive arguments couldn’t tear them apart.

In one commercial, I found out that this season would be Bridezillas‘s last, a piece of information that made me feel old and a teensy bit sad. Then, I thought maybe this is a good thing. Maybe today’s brides know that tending more to the wedding than the relationship is the mistake that has doomed their predecessors, and the producers have been having trouble tracking down willing participants for their program. But weep not for the fallen show, my friends. Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, featuring that bride-turned-mom-and-wife and four other former Bridezillas, premieres on May 31st, which just happens to be the day of my and Paul’s five-year anniversary.

Does it surprise you that most couples profiled in follow-up shows to Bridezillas didn’t last? Do you think brides are moving away toward acting heinously or are people just sick of watching brides behaving badly?

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Photo by John Bullas

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  • Ambaa

    That show is one of my guilty pleasures. I think there’s a satisfaction in seeing those relationships fall apart because when you’re watching these couples being horrific to each other, it’s very frustrating to think that they might get the happily-ever-after that they don’t appear to deserve. I try not to judge other people’s lives, but it can be hard not to. And when I see a girl behaving in a way that I know I could never get away with, it upsets me when she does seem to get away with it. So these divorce announcements feel good for that reason. A terrible thing, but there it is :-/

    On the other hand I remember seeing a few couples where the guy clearly knew what he was getting into and that he found his girl’s outbursts to be endearing and a part of what makes her the woman he loves. Those couples have made it so far and it does warm my heart to see even rather difficult people being loved.

    • mereditor

      You articulated that a lot better than I did! That all makes perfect sense to me.

      • Ambaa

        I spend the whole time I’m watching it wondering why I’m watching it! lol

        • mary feeney

          Where can we actually find out what happened to the couples? Due to an illness that has left me “bed bound”, I have been watching”Bridzillas” and would love to find out what happened to these marriages.

    • Hata H. Zappa

      Horrific to each other??? Are we watching the same show? There’s a reason they call it Bridezillas, although I think it would be fair to show a season or two of Groomzillas.

  • CommonSense

    Nice job. I’m really late to watching Bridezillas, but what lures me IS the despicable behavior!!! Unbelievable. I’ve even found myself worried for the groom’s welfare, actual physical safety. Totally don’t get why they don’t back out. Hope I don’t see them on ‘Deadly Women’ or ‘Wives with Knives.’

  • Suzette McFarland

    This show is also one of my guilty pleasures. I also watch Nanny 911 and I think to myself those brides are the children from homes that Nanny 911 wasn’t able to “rescue.” If those Nanny’s don’t come in and teach parents how to deal with their out of control toddler/early elementary children they will forever be out of hand and Bridzilla is proof of this theory.
    It does not surprise me that those relationships are now in divorce but it actually makes me happy, because I think the whole show that the groom will gather the courage to say, “it’s not to late to runaway” and end things before the wedding. It’s good to know that they eventually learn that they deserve better and that divorce might be the turing point in the lives of the bride to shape up. It is very sad though that they both enter the marriage thinking, “well we can divorce later if we need to,” hopefully it’s before kids are introduced into the dysfunctional picture.
    I think that parents are getting more and more clueless of how to raise kids because parents don’t understand punishment. They feel their kids have as many rights as adults do and are therefor not shaped and taught how to deal with emotions of anger, disappointment, and “fairness”. Kids throw tantrums, parents think they’ll outgrow it but because they’re not taught to calm down they will continue to throw tantrums their whole lives, as the brides in Bridzillas do. So I do unfortunately believe their will always be brides (people) acting heinously.

  • Jennifer Hanlon

    This is my biggest guilty pleasure right now, as I am DIYing my own wedding. I watch it and think “Man my guy is lucky that I’m not crazy”

    • mereditor

      ha, he is lucky!

      • Jennifer Hanlon

        My favorites are the ones where the guy walks out before the wedding, because lets face it those women had it coming.

  • Saidee

    Blanca is my favorite, she’s gorgeous. She looks like a porn star with her hair, lips, eyes… she’s out right gorgeous

  • hemnebob1

    Just recently watched bridezillas and thru my 58 years, have never met such trashy, ill mannered women like these worms they featured on this show. From gum chewing brides&grooms to just plain mentally damaged people this show features the underbelly of our people here. No wonder it got cancelled. It is humiliating to anyone serious about meeting their forever partner and living a fortunate life of happiness. If these people are all genuine they best get some mental help as they are pathetic and just sad.

    • SavannahSmiles87

      I agree with you. Not only are half of them trashy girls pretending to be rich but yet bouncing checks and $0.00 balences on credit cards their attitudes are disgusting! I freak out that half of these men go through with the weddings! Pure craziness.

  • Jeffrey Dowling

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  • Billy Dojcak

    My daughter and I sometimes watch this. This is about as trashy as it gets. These people deserve everything that’s coming to them.

  • Leigh S.

    Why do these men even want to marry a Bridezilla? So dumb.

    • FriscoKid

      Power of the p*ssy.

  • alicia tiongison

    Not surprised. I can’t believe how mean these women/girls are. I’m a bride and am learning to do the absolute opposite of everything I saw on this show.

  • ModernGrace

    I think everyone saw the divorces coming long before the weddings. They were more than just a temporary bridezillas. They are b******.