10 Unexpected Responses to My Pregnancy News That Made Me Crack Up and/or Tear Up

Meredith Bodgas at 13 weeks pregnant

I don't actually have a bump; I'm just shaped that way

I do solemnly swear not to turn Merital Bliss into a pregnancy blog, but because I spent seven-ish months trying for a baby and three-ish keeping my news secret, I have a stockpile of pregnancy-related blog ideas. Here’s a countdown of the best reactions I got from friends and family after they learned I was with child. Truthfully, I like them all equally, except number 1. Trust me that that’ll be your favorite response too.

10. My friend from my first job out of college: “I keep thinking about your news and it makes me smile!!! Not in a creepy way, though.”

9. My sister’s pal who’s an aficionado of a certain gay dating app: “I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I’m making a Scruff account for your fetus as we speak!”

8. The not-so-little-anymore-girl I used to babysit: “Aaaah Meredith Congratulations!!! I am so happy for both of you♥ Maybe one day I can babysit hehe.”

7. My coworker, right before she had to do a live video interview with a celebrity: Tears. “You’re going to be such a good mom.” (And now I’m in tears from typing that out; thanks, hormones.)

6. My former coworker, who knew we were having trouble getting pregnant: “MY HEART BURSTS WITH JOY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!! Best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox”

5. My friend from my internship program, who also knew about our baby-making struggles: “This is SUCH amazing news! I just got chills!”

4. My mom’s best friend, whom my sister and I call “OM,” as in “other mom”: “Now I am not only OM, but also OG! So happy for you!” OG = other grandma 🙂

3. My former coworker: “You guys baby-making got 102 likes, that’s impressive. Oh and congratulations!” (The above photo is up to 216 likes now on Facebook, but who’s counting? OK, I am.)

2. My friend of 23 years: “you don’t look chubs at all. actually the rest of you looks really skinny!” (granted, that wasn’t her FIRST reaction, but still funny)

And the number-one reaction to my pregnancy news is courtesy of my 89-year-old grandpa:

“That’s what you get for fooling around!” (Told ya you’d like that one.)

Moms, what were the best reactions you got to your pregnancy news? Not-yet-pregos, how do you think your friends and family will respond?

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