The Boston Marathon Wedding That Bombs Couldn’t Stop

Mere blocks away from the chaos and carnage that marred the annual Boston Marathon, a more serene scene was the background for a very special wedding for two runners. As Buzzfeed reports, a pair of athletes, who got engaged at the Chicago Marathon last October, planned their nuptials immediately to follow the Boston Marathon long before anyone had any inkling that a tragedy would take place there. Less than four hours after dual explosions rocked the Back Bay, Kelli Johnston and Robert Watling tied the knot in their running shoes in Boston Common. The couple thankfully had completed the race before the bombs detonated. Continue reading

The Unexpected Reason I Cried During Last Night’s Wedding

Charlian's gorgeous reception room

Yesterday, Paul was a groomsman for his good friend, Ian, as he married his match, Charleen. And I came to Charlian’s wedding (as I called it) prepared with tissues for wiping tears–and my nose–during the ceremony. For a change, though, I didn’t end up blubbering during the vows. Even as my friend, Amber, teared up beside me in a pew of the pretty church, I didn’t once reach inside my bag for a hanky. I also managed to keep it together during the first dance and the parent dances. Despite all that, my mascara was running by the end of the night. Here’s why: Continue reading

Get Ready to Be Jealous: Here’s What Brides and Bridesmaids in Sevilla, Spain, Wear

To the left is what I thought I’d see on bridesmaids in the southern Spanish town of Sevilla because, well, I’m an idiot. I also assumed that brides would wear approximations of those flamenco dresses, only in white, of course. How wrong I was. And how envious I am of what these women look like on their wedding days. Continue reading

I Found the Coolest Wedding Venue in the World! But…

Paul and I decided to do something special for Memorial Day Weekend this year because it was the first time since 2008 that we didn’t have a wedding that weekend–and in 2008, I had my bachelorette party around the holiday, so it really had been a long while since we were free. So we drove up to Albany to visit our friends and their baby Grady. Then, we headed up to Montreal. And guess what I found… Continue reading