Why Get Married?

This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate marriage. After all, don’t we honor this St. Valentine dude for allegedly marrying people against an emperor’s wishes (or so Wikipedia tells me)? To pay homage to that, here’s why three folks with different marital statuses (stati?) want/wanted to get married. Warning: It behooves you to have tissues handy. Continue reading

6 Things Not to Say to Interfaith Couples

Paul was raised Catholic and, while I’ve been inside a synagogue only a few more times than I’ve been inside a church, I was raised Jewish. Paul and I have always been okay with that. Some people around us, though, are confused by it. Here are some wacky things they’ve said to me upon learning that Paul and I don’t share a religion–and why you should think twice before you utter these to your intermarrying friends. Continue reading