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That's me; I'm the one who's not a bird

Hi! I’m Meredith Bodgas, aka the Mer in Merital Bliss. I wrote a daily wedding blog for in 2010 and 2011 and loved blogging about weddings and marriage so much that I started this here site. I’ve also been an editor for and, but nothing teaches you about weddings and marriage better than getting married. And I did that in May 2008 with my husband Paul, whom I had been dating since January 1996.

wedding day

That's Paul and me the day we got married. We clean up nicely.

No, I don’t look awesome for my age (30, but who’s counting?). We got together in middle school when we were 13 and it just worked out. We stayed together in high school and college too (he went to Boston College; I went to Brandeis University, a 15-minute drive/grueling hour-and-a-half train ride away). Now we live together in Queens, New York. I’m a senior editor at, and Paul’s a software analyst.

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  • Josie Seff

    I couldn’t figure out how to email you, so I’m just posting here. I’m newly married (1 year in April), but also on the fairly young side. I just turned 25 and my husband is 24. I am pretty much the only married person in my group of (girl)friends, and the only one contemplating children. I love reading this blog because I feel like I have a connection with other married couples that I don’t get in my “real” life. 

    However, I have one major qualm. You write a bunch of posts about how women decided that they were ready for children. I have the opposite problem. My husband and I are dying for children, and wish that we could have them now. But, we are logical people, and know that we are at the very beginnings of our careers, and no where near financially stable enough for kids (he works as a cook and I just started working in the corporate world–also, English is his 2nd language and he just immigrated to the US). We also know that we should spend a couple years just appreciating and enjoying each other and our freedom from children. 

    So, I guess my request is, can you please write something about women who desperately want babies but are making the conscious decision to wait? My whole being wants to be pregnant, and every day is a struggle, so reading about women who decided they were ready is challenging. I am ready! But I’m also an intelligent, young woman who wants to make the right decisions for my family and future family. So we’re waiting. 

    • Meredith Bodgas

      Hey Josie,

      Thanks for writing. So glad you can come to this blog and feel connected to other married women.

      Did you read Emily’s story about how she knew she was ready for a baby? As her best friend, I can tell you she felt similarly to you but thought she should wait until things were more settled in her life. 

      But it sounds like you’re hoping for me to talk to women who are desperate for kids (which Emily’s story doesn’t convey). I’d be happy to and I’m SURE you’re not the only married couple consciously choosing to hold off, despite your desire to expand your family. 

      Would you be willing to be my first interview? If so, please send your email address to me over Twitter @mereditor. 

      If not, please be patient as I try to find someone in your situation who’s willing to share her story!

  • Michael Yates

    Hello Meredith,

    I’m a producer with Kinetic content. We’re gearing up for a show and could most definitely use your expertise. Please give me at call at your earliest convenience, as this is very time-sensitive.

    Michael Y
    Kinetic Content


    • mereditor

      if you have an email address, please share–so sorry, but can’t jump on a call now

  • Gail Thornton

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