Promise to My Future Baby: I Won’t Enter You in Photo Contests

In case your Facebook feed isn’t filled with little kids’ photos framed in the most offensive beige rectangle I’ve ever seen, I’m here to tell you that it’s Gerber Generation Photo Contest time, when hopeful parents submit images of their little ones in exchange for said offensive beige photo frame and a minute shot at winning a college scholarship or a life insurance plan (or something similarly valuable). And it made me realize… Continue reading

The Strange New Party That Married Couples Are Throwing

I like any excuse to throw a party. I desperately wanted a half-birthday party when I was six months away from turning 14. Paul and I celebrate our dating anniversary by hosting dozens of guests at our apartment each year. I even started planning a hypothetical five-year wedding anniversary party before we were married a full 365 days. So I would’ve expected myself to be on board with this new kind of party, but I’m so not. Continue reading