How to Pick an Engagement Ring She’ll Treasure Forever


Congratulations, fellas. You don’t have to sit there wondering how to pick an engagement ring. You live in an era when choosing that most important piece of jewelry is easier than it’s ever been. If your girlfriend has ever thought about getting engaged, she likely has a Pinterest board full of engagement ring styles she’d just love for you to buy her. But if she doesn’t, there’s still good news. I’ll show you exactly how to pick an engagement ring in eight easy, dare I say foolproof, steps. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get a Proposal Faster (and 1 That Doesn’t Work)

Ladies, if anyone knows what it’s like to be ready to get engaged and not have a ring on your finger yet, it’s me. Even though I was super-young when I was set for Paul to pop the question–at the ripe old age of 21–we had been dating for eight years at that point. So when he still didn’t propose by our 10th anniversary, I was antsy to say the least. Luckily, the proposal came a few months after we hit the 10-year mark, and I think it happened when it did because I did a few of the following things. Continue reading

The Rudest Engagement Ring Comments EVER

I’ve received backhanded compliments and straight-up aggressive remarks about my engagement ring. And it made me wonder if you all have, too. So I posted the question on Facebook and Twitter. I truly was hoping I wouldn’t get any responses because no one wants such a symbolic, important purchase criticized. Alas, I was barraged with replies. Here they are. Continue reading

Should Women Propose? Should Men Wear Engagement Rings?

No, I don't know why she's wearing a wedding dress. You try finding a photo of a woman proposing to a man.

A friend (and I hope I’m not overstepping bounds by calling you a friend!) suggested I write about gender roles as they pertain to proposals, and since I aim to please, here goes. Continue reading