9 Things No One Could’ve Prepared Me for While We Were Trying to Get Pregnant

pregnancy-testAs promised, I now present to you the true tale of our fertility journey. But first, a warning: If you think I share too much in other posts, you will definitely not enjoy this one. So stop reading. Now. Go back to the wedding blogs. So why am I writing this? Until talking about fertility struggles is as taboo as discussing the weather, it’s up to those who feel comfortable sharing the details of their process to provide some comfort to others who are suffering silently. So here’s what surprised me the most about trying: Continue reading

Maybe to Baby: Two Wholly Unrelated Events That Made Me Ready to Become a Mother (Oh, Yeah, I Have Some News)

This image will make slightly more sense by the end of the post

As this blog approaches its second anniversary, I have a confession about one of the early post themes I pursued. I interviewed friends with kids for “Maybe to Baby” about how they decided when to have children because I was concerned I’d never be ready to try to become a mother. While hearing their stories helped me realize you’re never completely prepared, it was actually two entirely separate occurrences that made me finally say, “OK. Let’s do this.” Preview: One is heartwarming; the other is fairly boneheaded. Continue reading

The Strange New Party That Married Couples Are Throwing

I like any excuse to throw a party. I desperately wanted a half-birthday party when I was six months away from turning 14. Paul and I celebrate our dating anniversary by hosting dozens of guests at our apartment each year. I even started planning a hypothetical five-year wedding anniversary party before we were married a full 365 days. So I would’ve expected myself to be on board with this new kind of party, but I’m so not. Continue reading

6 Reasons You Should Never Ever Ask a Woman If She’s Pregnant

The pretty blonde lady is Liz, whom I ALMOST asked if she was pregnant when she took her Facebook profile down (she was--with twins!).

Conventional wisdom tells us that you shouldn’t ask a gal if she’s expecting. But in certain circumstances, you may think you’re excused from following this rule. You’re not. Here’s why. Continue reading

2013: The Year of Fewer Brides and Babies?

Let’s discuss triskaidekaphobia, aka fear of the number 13. It’s as real as claustrophobia (fear of closed-in spaces, which I have) and hemaphobia (fear of blood, which I also have). In fact, it’s so real that I’ve yet to encounter an elevator in Manhattan with a button for floor 13. So how is 2013’s impending arrival affecting young women toying with the idea of getting married or pregnant? Continue reading

Maybe to Baby: Lauren Realized She Was “Less Not Ready” for a Family

Since you married-and-childless ladies wrote in to say how much you enjoyed hearing about how Cynthia decided she was ready for a baby, I just had to ask my friend Lauren about how she came to the conclusion that it was time to become a mom. Everything she said really resonated with me. I bet you’ll feel the same way. Continue reading