The Strange New Party That Married Couples Are Throwing

I like any excuse to throw a party. I desperately wanted a half-birthday party when I was six months away from turning 14. Paul and I celebrate our dating anniversary by hosting dozens of guests at our apartment each year. I even started planning a hypothetical five-year wedding anniversary party before we were married a full 365 days. So I would’ve expected myself to be on board with this new kind of party, but I’m so not. Continue reading

Why Get Married?

This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate marriage. After all, don’t we honor this St. Valentine dude for allegedly marrying people against an emperor’s wishes (or so Wikipedia tells me)? To pay homage to that, here’s why three folks with different marital statuses (stati?) want/wanted to get married. Warning: It behooves you to have tissues handy. Continue reading