Husband Material: An Update on the Guys!

Since the next eligible bachelor isn’t exactly sure what city he’ll be living in come spring, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a break from introducing you to a new guy and give a follow-up on what happened with the last three. There’s good news and bad news…

First, the bad news, or rather the it’s-not-yet-good-news news: Last he told me, Dan, the first brave soul who allowed me to write about him for Husband Material, hadn’t gone on a date yet! A lovely reader won him over with a message about her proposed outdoorsy date, but she and Dan have had a tough time finding a time to get together. They’re such busy New Yorkers, I guess. It’s not too late to express interest in Dan if you were too shy the first time!

Now the really exciting news.

Tom, the second Husband Material subject, went on a great date with a reader last Wednesday. Here’s what he said about it:

“This is a good match. Cassandra is someone I could see myself always having something to share things with. Beyond having a lot of things in common, I feel like we’re moving in the same direction in life, which gives a nice feeling of compatibility. From everything I can tell, there will be more dates to come and I can’t wait.”

Cassandra echoed the sentiment. Lots of luck on date number two, guys!

Who knew Wednesday is such a great date night? Michael, the most recent man featured in Husband Material, is meeting up with my dear friend Annie this Wednesday (and you can see why here from this personal ad). I think I’m as excited for Wednesday as they are.

What do you think these guys’ chances are of finding a mate on Merital Bliss? Know any available wonderful men you’d like to nominate for Husband Material?

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