The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do Right After You Get Engaged

Had I not been half a world away from home when Paul proposed, I’m sure I would’ve made this mistake. After all, there are few things more tempting than this.

Too many couples spend the first few post-proposal moments sending out e-mails and texts and making phone calls when those minutes really should be spent enjoying your engagement with each other–and each other alone.

In our case, we were in Paris, killing time between having to check out of our hotel and heading to the airport to fly home. So 10 or so minutes after I had my engagement ring on my finger, we were ducking into the Metro to get to Charles de Gaulle. But had there been time and an easy way to place an international call, I would’ve been on the phone with my mom so fast–even though it was only about 5 a.m. back in New York.

It’s natural to want to spread your happy news, especially if you’ve been waiting years and years (like I was) to get engaged. But friends who did get in touch with their families and pals immediately following the proposal admit that it was strange to hop on their phones in their fiance’s presence seconds after he asked such a huge, important question. While I don’t recommend waiting half a day like I did (I almost told people on the plane that I was engaged just so I could tell SOMEONE), it was kind of fun to have this big secret that only the two of us knew. But I think we can all stand to wait a half hour to an hour. And if it happens at home, take the time to truly celebrate (nudge nudge, wink wink) before you tell a soul.

Already engaged/married folks: How long did you wait until you spread the news? Not-yet-engaged gals: Do you think you’ll be able to postpone telling your inner circle you’re engaged?

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Photo by William Warby