Husband Material: Meet an Adorable Single Guy in Our Very First VIDEO!

I had the distinct privilege of meeting a fantastic boy recently, and he was up for being filmed, so now you get to see him in action. You’re all going to love him–promise.

Okay, don’t be mad, but I couldn’t resist! That’s my best friend’s newborn baby and, while he’s not looking to settle down yet, I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing him. That’s my baby voice in the background (I’m not actually trying to mimic a baby–I just sound like that without trying).

I feel so lucky to have spent some time with Grady (and his very proud parents who are practically pros already) on one of his first days in existence. And I hope one day, we’ll play that video at his wedding–or at least his rehearsal dinner.

Here’s the happy little family.

You may remember Emily from her baby shower.

Sorry if you’re a sucker for street violinists–I have no idea who that fine fiddler is in the top photo.

What do you think of Grady? Know of any fresh-out-of-the-womb gals to set him up with?

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Photo by Faungg