Husband Material: Meet Great Guy Gregg

Though I hadn’t seen Gregg, my childhood friend’s cousin, since we were kids, I re-met him at my pal’s 30th birthday party the other day. And single ladies, you’re in for a treat.

Just see what my buddy Ashley has to say about her cousin, whom she also considers a great friend:

“He will care about you, try to solve your problems, and listen to you. You will have fun and enjoy spending time with him–and he will make you laugh. He’s funny, kind, sensitive, and considerate, and he can bake delicious chocolate chip cookies and solve ANY of your computer problems. He’s so down to earth that you can just hang out and watch TV or movies and still end up having a good time. Plus, he has great parents. His mom is so sweet, she’d never turn into the sterotypical awful “mother-in-law” that they make movies about.” (MB note: That’s SO important!)

And now after that glowing recommendation, here’s what Gregg has to say about himself.

The Basics
Age: 27

Location: South Amboy, NJ

Height: 5′ 7″

He’ll chip in by: Working as a web developer and project manager

The Details
His favorite things: Movies, cooking, and hanging out with friends

Vice his wife will have to tolerate: “Some might call it OCD. I like to call it hyper-organization. I’m an uncontrollable neat freak. Everything has a place, and I notice when anything has been moved or is missing.”

Motivation for marriage: “Most of my friends are getting engaged and married and it’s been showing me what I’ve been missing. I want what they have: a partner who I can spend the rest of my life with. There’s also that underlying need to satisfy my mother’s constant request for grandchildren.”

His baggage: “I have a few very close friends who are girls, but they’re all in their own relationships and are more sisterly-type friends. So nothing to be threatened by at all.”

The perfect wife (in 5 words or less): Intelligent, sensitive, understanding, caring, family-oriented

Quite the catch, right? Comment below if you’re interested in meeting Gregg–or message me on Twitter @mereditor.

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