Husband Material: Meet Hard-Working New Englander Tim

This is a big day for Merital Bliss. It’s the day Husband Material moves out of the tri-state area and further North and East (though I welcome the day we venture out of the Northeast completely!). And if you’re in Massachusetts and like a man in uniform, you’ll be happy you’re reading this.

My friend Gemanique reached out to nominate her former roommate Tim for Husband Material. And based on what she tells me, he sounds like a great candidate:
“As a roommate, he was clean and respectful. He was a great cook and always made me laugh. He has been a great friend to my boyfriend, whom he met in the police academy, and myself. He works hard at his job as well as his relationships.”

Here’s what Tim has to say about himself.

The Basics
Age: 27

Location: Foxboro, MA

Height: 6’0″

He’ll chip in by: Working as a police officer

The Details
His favorite things: “In the summer I enjoy riding my motorcycle and mountain biking. In the winter I’m known to be sliding down the slopes on a pair of skis. I try to find as many interesting ways as possible to stay fit including but not limited to hiking, swimming, and especially running. I’m pretty well-rounded: I’m as at home on a campsite next to a lake as I am dining at a fine restaurant in downtown Boston.”

Vice his wife will have to tolerate: “I am dedicated to my chosen profession, and sometimes that requires the occasional ‘I’m running late’ phone call, but it’s usually to assist someone in need, so I guess that makes it a little more reasonable. Also, I’m rather organized–T-shirts arranged by color kind of organized.”

Motivation for marriage: “I have been blessed in life with an amazing family, a great circle of friends, and my dream profession. It’s the right time in my life to complete the picture. I’m not only ready but also eager to offer my energy, humor, and commitment to the right person.”

His baggage: “Similar to most adults, I’ve had a few relationships, some better than others, but I learned from all of them. I don’t communicate with any of my exes on the principle that I feel it only hinders future success. Everything happens for a reason, and relationships are better off when viewed with an open mind and not a desperate heart.”

The perfect wife (in 5 words or less): A smile that never fades

Want to meet Tim? Comment below or tweet me @mereditor. Not in New England? Tell me where you are and I’ll try to find some eligible bachelors for you!

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