Husband Material: A New Update on the Guys

So far, I’ve featured six eligible bachelors who are totally husband material (and one adorable guy who will be husband material in 23 years or so). So how are they doin’?

Tim, left, didn’t meet his match through Merital Bliss–yet. A lovely lady who wasn’t so local expressed interest, but he’s looking for someone in the Boston area. So if you know someone, let me know!

Gregg was in a similar boat. Women outside of his area got in touch (one loved his smile). Jersey girls, speak up if you want to meet Gregg.

Sandip didn’t have trouble finding someone in his area, and he and a fellow New Yorker/Merital Bliss reader went on a date. Alas, the two didn’t hit it off. Interested? You know what to do, ladies.

Tom had a great first date with a reader, and as you can see from the last update, it looked likely that there’d be a date number two. Sadly, it didn’t happen. The good news for you is Tom is still single. And if you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll love this: He recently hosted a 24-hour marathon of the show in his apartment. (Paul and I went just for a couple hours.)

Mike‘s date with my pal Annie didn’t lead to a second one, though they enjoyed talking to each other.

And that leaves us with Dan, the guy who started it all. Last I heard, he was happily coupled-off, not that Merital Bliss had anything to do with that.

You’re not going to let me go 0 for 6, are you? Contact me on Twitter @mereditor if you want to meet any of the single guys–or if you know a solid (and willing) candidate for Husband Material.

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