I Found the Coolest Wedding Venue in the World! But…

Paul and I decided to do something special for Memorial Day Weekend this year because it was the first time since 2008 that we didn’t have a wedding that weekend–and in 2008, I had my bachelorette party around the holiday, so it really had been a long while since we were free. So we drove up to Albany to visit our friends and their baby Grady. Then, we headed up to Montreal. And guess what I found…

…only the most breathtaking space for a wedding ever! The photos don’t do it justice, but this is Chalet du Mont Royal from the outside.

Below is another shot of the spacious interior, which is decorated with bad-ass overhead lighting and artwork that tells the history of the city.

Talk about a room with a view. We went on a hot and hazy day and still could see much of Downtown Montreal, as evidenced in the photo below.
You can see more in this video taken outside Chalet du Mont Royal. What a cocktail hour–or wedding ceremony–you could have in that stone courtyard out front!

As with everything in life, there’s a catch. Actually, there are at least two. First, as you may have guessed from the view, this place is on top of a mountain, Mont Royal to be exact. And having climbed said mountain, it’s no walk in the park–even though the place is technically a park and I technically walked through it. I didn’t see any motor vehicles around, so I’m not sure what sweat-free way guests have to ascend the hill.

Second, according to the city of Montreal’s website, the only events permitted in the space are those that are “of a large calibre and bring provincial, national or international renown to Montréal.” But maybe throwing the wedding of the millennium counts! Also, the recommended minimum guest list is 300, so, uh, you’ll need lots of friends and family to fill it.

Isn’t it purdy, though? Definitely my favorite part of our trip. And I finally had Dairy Queen. That rocked, too.

Would you book a wedding venue that required guests to take a long, steep walk? Is Chalet du Mont Royal your kind of wedding reception hall?

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