7 Reasons I’m Thankful to Be Married

Happy Thanksgiving! As Paul was finishing up getting ready this morning before we headed to my parents’ house for a gluttonous feast, I started thinking about the serious and not-so-serious reasons I’m feeling lucky to be hitched this holiday.

1. I don’t have to hear “When are you getting married?” anymore.
I regret not keeping count of how many times I was asked this–the number would’ve been staggering. Even though Paul and I were engaged by 23, we’d been dating for 10 years, so the question popped up quite frequently between senior year of college and the two years it took for Paul to propose. I can’t emphasize how much I love not being asked this.

2. I have someone who sympathizes no matter what’s upsetting me.
A Facebook comment, of all things, got to me earlier this week. And instead of responding to my tears with what was totally warranted–“you’re ridiculous”–Paul listened and cheered me up. How cool is it that someone wants nothing more than for you to smile?

3. I don’t have to live in a claustrophobia-inducing apartment.
True, if I weren’t married I wouldn’t have to share a space with another human being, but two salaries are better than one, and I’m fortunate that our digs are double the size of what I could afford on my own. Breathing room is a hot commodity in New York City, after all.

4. Someone splits apartment-cleaning duties. Decently sized living quarters are more of a bitch to keep tidy than smaller ones. I learned this firsthand yesterday. We had friends over for pre-Thanksgiving karaoke, or as we’ve calling it for the past three years, Turkey-oke. I had the entire day off, so Paul got a pass on pitching in with straightening up. Granted, we’re not as neat as we should be (things I found on our floors: seven rubber bands, two food wrappers, and, inexplicably, a red juice-box straw), but I still didn’t expect it would take five hours to get the place spotless. Paul was grateful that I took the reins on cleaning…and I’m grateful that he’ll be doing his fair share next time.

5. I have a de-facto plus-one.
I’ve attended weddings where I don’t know a soul besides the bride. While I have no qualms about making conversation with people I’ve never met, not everyone’s as willing to chat with a stranger. Having Paul by my side in those situations makes them a lot more tolerable.

6. I never have to call the Geek Squad.
Having an information-technology prodigy as a husband has its perks. For my 30th birthday party, he turned the bar’s so-so A/V system into a karaoke powerhouse. When our Internet goes down for no good reason, he finds a way to restore it or turn our cell phones into hot spots. Or when I leave a work file on our home PC and I need it on my office computer stat, he’ll remote in and retrieve it for me.

7. Every night ends with a conversation with my favorite person.
As much as I love sleep, I can’t crash in just any situation. I like chatting before bed and then dozing off. Even though Paul tends to stay awake for hours after I fall asleep, he joins me in bed until I nod off. It makes getting to sleep trickier when he’s away for work, which luckily doesn’t happen too often, but I wouldn’t trade that way to end each day for anything else in the world.

Why are you thankful to be coupled up? What other reasons are you giving thanks today?

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Photo by Gail Chatelain