5 Reasons to Get Pregnant on Your Honeymoon–and 5 Not to

When I got married at 25, I couldn’t think of a single pro to trying for a baby immediately after our wedding. Now that I’m 30, I’m starting to get it (as did half the newly pregnant women I know). Still, if you’re thinking about getting knocked up days after I do–or if you’re not dead-set against it–consider the following.

Why Trying on Your Honeymoon May Be a Good Idea
1. What a great souvenir you’ll have.
Sand in a bottle is lovely, but there’s nothing quite like a human being to bring you back to the happy memories of the most wonderful vacation you’ll likely ever take.

2. You’ll be so relaxed, it’ll be easier to get pregnant.
Ever notice how the people who are the most stressed about conceiving are the ones who have the most trouble? That’s no coincidence. So if you’re ready to be a mom–or suspect you will in 38ish weeks–the blissed-out honeymoon version of yourself is bursting with fertility.

3. You’ll be in prime physical condition.
If you’re like most brides, you’re trying to look good for your wedding, which probably means getting (closer) to an ideal weight and doing healthy things like exercising. All good for baby-making.

4. You won’t have to worry about birth control.
This was a very annoying concern for me. (See why in my old Glamour blog.) How nice to have one less thing to fret about!

5. People won’t have much time to ask, “So when are you having kids?”
Avoiding this is like hitting the jackpot. Seriously.

Why Trying on Your Honeymoon May Be a Bad Idea
1. People will wonder if you were preggers before the wedding.
I personally don’t care if people put the baby carriage ahead of the marriage; a lot of America still seems to, though. My pal was pissed when someone accused her of pre-marital conception, even though sperm didn’t meet egg until two months into the marriage. Math wasn’t that person’s strong suit.

2. If you get pregnant, you may feel a bit off during your trip.
Despite doctors’ insistence that you can’t detect pregnancy symptoms so early that you’d still be on your honeymoon when they kick in, some moms–besides Bella Swan who had her part-vampire spawn to thank for her nausea–swear they knew they were expecting almost right away. And there are few things worse than yakking on your honeymoon. Sadly, I know this from experience. (Thanks, food poisoning!)

3. You might limit what you eat and drink.
You know the slew of edibles pregnant women aren’t supposed to consume. Well, many docs advise you to stick to that list when there’s merely the chance that you’ll become pregnant. Even though plenty of healthy babies are born to moms who wined and dined (on raw fish, under-cooked meat and soft cheeses) before they knew they were with child, you may not feel comfortable taking that chance. The honeymoon is not when you want to hold back on indulging.

4. You’ll probably have a lot more weddings to attend.
Judging from my pregnant friends who’ve had to peace out early from receptions because they’re too tired to function, pregnancy exhaustion is a bummer during wedding season. Plus, if you’ve just gotten married, there’s a good chance you have friends who are getting hitched soon after.

5. You’ll have only nine months to be married without kids.
This was the main reason why my birth-control pills were as essential to pack as sunglasses. Even though marriage isn’t all that different from living together without wedding rings, it’s still a big step that you may not want to mess with by adding a needy newborn to the picture. Then again, my mom friends tell me no one’s ever fully prepared for parenthood.

Would you/did you want a honeymoon baby? What are your reasons for thinking it’s a good or bad idea?

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