Wedding WTF: Who’s the Worst Offender? Edition 1

I love when readers message the Merital Bliss Facebook page and tweet at me to share their Wedding WTFs. And I’ve gotten so many jaw-dropping stories lately, I’ve decided to turn it into a game, part I of which is below. Read on and then comment to tell me who you think committed the worst wedding crime.

The Bride Who Dissed Her Maid-of-Honor
“My flaky friend asked me to be her maid-of-honor. I figured I’d be a bridesmaid, but I was surprised to be offered the top spot, considering I hardly see this girl anymore. I thought it would bring us closer and it was fun helping her plan, oohing and aahing over her engagement ring and touring her venue. She started sending skin-tight bridesmaid dress options that I would look awful in, and I was trying to work up the nerve to tell her that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in such revealing gowns, when the emails stopped. I’d invite her to hang out, she’d accept, and at the last minute, she’d change her plans. After a couple months of this, I stopped trying. Maybe she was just busy with wedding stuff, I guessed. And then on Facebook, I saw that her relationship status of engaged had changed. I asked a mutual friend if she had noticed, and I learned that the bride had recently told that pal that the wedding was off. I was so offended that she couldn’t contact her own maid-of-honor to share this major piece of news! I had turned down a trip with other friends, which was scheduled to take place over the bride’s wedding weekend. I would’ve loved to have been there for what must be a difficult time, but I can’t since she still hasn’t returned my calls. Guess I’ll go on that trip now!”

The Mother-of-the-Bride Who Dissed a Bridesmaid
“Just before a friend’s wedding shower, my grandfather hurt himself badly. My parents asked me to come home and help take care of him because they couldn’t do it 24/7. As a result, I had to miss my friend’s bridal shower. I figured it’d be okay because I would still be able to make her weekend-long bachelorette party after the shower, and I would still send a shower gift. So I called the bride’s mother to share the unfortunate news, and instead of sympathy for my injured grandfather, she yelled at me for a half hour, telling me that I was selfish, that my priorities were mixed up, and that I was a terrible friend. I don’t know why I didn’t hang up after the first few minutes! After the surprise shower, I called my friend, the bride, to apologize to her for not being able to make it. Of course she was upset that I missed it, but she understood, and we had a blast at the bachelorette party. If the bride could be so forgiving, why couldn’t her crazy mother?!”

The Guest Who Dissed the Bride
“My husband and I flew to the Caribbean for a destination wedding, and on day one, our son got so sick with food poisoning, he needed to be hospitalized. Luckily, he was well enough for us to attend the wedding a couple days later. I decided I’d spare the bride the details about our ill child so I wouldn’t make her feel bad or take time away from celebrating. A fellow guest was not as considerate. She got so drunk that she started falling down and crying over her ex. Instead of doing this in private, she insisted she talk to the bride, who was kind enough to sit with her and console her instead of enjoy her own wedding. My friends and I couldn’t get over how selfish this guest was! Granted, she was too intoxicated to realize how wrong she was, but that’s why you don’t get so blitzed in the first place!”

Which of the three above offenses is the most egregious? Comment below to crown the, uh, winner. And don’t forget to share your own wedding woes!

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