4 Subtle But Hilarious Ways Bridal Showers Are Different from Baby Showers

No expecting mom would be as happy as I was to receive lingerie at my bridal shower.

On the surface, it’d seem bridal showers and baby showers are indistinguishable from one another. They both tend to be held in some restaurant back room or in someone’s home, they both tend to be women only, and the main events for both are often eating, playing silly games, and opening presents. True, the main difference is pretty darn apparent–the guest of honor is either at the thinnest of her adult life or the heaviest–but do one of the following at the wrong kind of shower and the results would be awkward.

1. There are no allusions to sex (as in intercourse, not the kind usually tied to gender) at baby showers.
Even though the fact that nookie has taken place is frequently the reason to throw a baby shower, it’s almost unheard of at one of those events to make reference to getting it on. At my bridal shower, on the other hand, sex came up during the games–I believe there was a Mad Libs guests filled in about what we’d be doing on our honeymoon–and my mom’s friend gave me the gorgeous, silky nightie above. I’ve yet to see a mom-to-be receive any kind of lingerie.

2. You can’t give a slow cooker as a baby shower gift.
Many expecting moms had bridal showers during which they stocked up their homes with kitchen essentials such as the above. But even if you know, unequivocally, that your pregnant pal doesn’t have a Crock Pot and could really use one for the set-it-and-forget-it convenience busy parents need to get dinner on the table, it would seem an exceptionally odd present. Maybe it’s because Halloween is on the way or I’ve heard one too many dead-baby jokes (thanks, Ko), a part of me would think it’s meant for cooking the baby. Even a blender, in which you can make your own baby food, would conjure up images of…well, you know.

3. Poop talk is off-limits at a bridal shower.
Brides deal with a lot of crap. Still, feces would be THE oddest topic to broach at a pre-wedding event. At a baby shower, though, doodie is de rigeur. It comes up in the games (or at least it did when I was in charge of planning them), and my go-to gift for expecting friends is a Diaper Genie. Presenting a bride with diaper-related products may get you uninvited to the wedding.

4. A bridal shower’s guest of honor’s shape cannot be discussed.
I don’t support talking about an expecting mom’s size–games that involve measuring her belly are more cringe-inducing than excrement-based activities, if you ask me–but I see why there’s such interest in a burgeoning bump. I would’ve run out of my bridal shower screaming if anyone threatened to see how large my relatively unchanging midsection was, though.

Any other funny differences? Would you bring an un-purchased gift from a bridal registry to a baby shower?

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