10 Things Every Single Girl Wishes She Could Tell Her Attached Friends


Since motherhood takes up all the time that my full-time job and sleep don’t, I’ve invited my super-talented sister, Gillian Bodgas, to enlighten us taken gals on what really irks the unattached. I’m keeping this list in mind because I’ve definitely broken a couple of these rules in the past. Read this and commit it to your own memory so you don’t make my mistakes. Take it away, Gill! Continue reading

Can You Really Ever Spend Too Much Time with Your Spouse?

That's Bert dancing on the left. Just kidding; he wasn't invited to this happy hour.

The other day, like many other Thursday nights, Paul and I went to a bar with our friends. It just so happens that all of those friends are Paul’s coworkers. Which led one of his colleagues, with whom we’re not buddies and to whom we weren’t talking, to accuse Paul of the following. Continue reading

Attention Married People: Don’t Pose for a Photo Like THIS

This past Friday, Paul went to his friend’s birthday party. I wasn’t feeling great (I’ll blame the free buffet at the Chinese New Year celebration in our apartment complex), so I stayed in. A pal of the birthday boy went around taking pictures of the revelers, including this unfortunate one of my husband. Continue reading

Lamenting the “No Spouses” Rule for Company Holiday Parties

Last week, I asked one of Paul’s co-workers what she’s wearing to their company’s semi-formal holiday party. She went on to describe two beautiful-sounding options and asked me to help her choose. Then, she asked what I was wearing to the event. “Oh, I’m not invited,” I said sadly. Shock crossed her face. Here’s why I suspect that happened. Continue reading

What Not to Do as a Plus-One at a Wedding

For the first time ever, I’m going to a wedding that I wasn’t technically invited to. My sister got the invite, and since she’s not seeing anyone and I live a quick cab ride away from the venue, I’m coming along as her guest–which made me think of some things I wish plus-ones didn’t do at weddings. Continue reading

3 Ways to Answer 3 Common Questions for Newlyweds

Even when you’re in a state of post-wedding bliss, people you’re not all that close with may ask something that’s none of their business, thus shaking you out of your happy honeymoon period. It’s always okay to say, “I’m sorry; I’m not comfortable discussing that,” but you can try these alternative responses instead. Continue reading

7 Times You Don’t Have to Reciprocate a Wedding Invitation

Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra, but I like everything to be even Steven. So if you invited me to your wedding, you were invited to mine. But not every bride who included you has to make the cut for your nuptials. Here are seven situations it’s okay not to return the invite. Continue reading