9 Things No One Could’ve Prepared Me for While We Were Trying to Get Pregnant

pregnancy-testAs promised, I now present to you the true tale of our fertility journey. But first, a warning: If you think I share too much in other posts, you will definitely not enjoy this one. So stop reading. Now. Go back to the wedding blogs. So why am I writing this? Until talking about fertility struggles is as taboo as discussing the weather, it’s up to those who feel comfortable sharing the details of their process to provide some comfort to others who are suffering silently. So here’s what surprised me the most about trying: Continue reading

10 Unexpected Responses to My Pregnancy News That Made Me Crack Up and/or Tear Up

Meredith Bodgas at 13 weeks pregnant

I don't actually have a bump; I'm just shaped that way

I do solemnly swear not to turn Merital Bliss into a pregnancy blog, but because I spent seven-ish months trying for a baby and three-ish keeping my news secret, I have a stockpile of pregnancy-related blog ideas. Here’s a countdown of the best reactions I got from friends and family after they learned I was with child. Truthfully, I like them all equally, except number 1. Trust me that that’ll be your favorite response too. Continue reading

Maybe to Baby: Two Wholly Unrelated Events That Made Me Ready to Become a Mother (Oh, Yeah, I Have Some News)

This image will make slightly more sense by the end of the post

As this blog approaches its second anniversary, I have a confession about one of the early post themes I pursued. I interviewed friends with kids for “Maybe to Baby” about how they decided when to have children because I was concerned I’d never be ready to try to become a mother. While hearing their stories helped me realize you’re never completely prepared, it was actually two entirely separate occurrences that made me finally say, “OK. Let’s do this.” Preview: One is heartwarming; the other is fairly boneheaded. Continue reading

4 Subtle But Hilarious Ways Bridal Showers Are Different from Baby Showers

No expecting mom would be as happy as I was to receive lingerie at my bridal shower.

On the surface, it’d seem bridal showers and baby showers are indistinguishable from one another. They both tend to be held in some restaurant back room or in someone’s home, they both tend to be women only, and the main events for both are often eating, playing silly games, and opening presents. True, the main difference is pretty darn apparent–the guest of honor is either at the thinnest of her adult life or the heaviest–but do one of the following at the wrong kind of shower and the results would be awkward. Continue reading

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Sorry for the Mafioso title; Paul and I recently started watching The Sopranos for the first time…the day BEFORE James Gandolfini died.

It’s a symptom of your early 30s (in my part of the country anyway): The wedding invitations gradually stop showing and baby shower invitations start picking up. In fact, this year, Paul and I were invited to only two weddings. On May 19th, my friend Jenn married her longtime love, Karina, and then, for the first time in nine years, Paul and I didn’t have a single engaged friend. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Get Pregnant on Your Honeymoon–and 5 Not to

When I got married at 25, I couldn’t think of a single pro to trying for a baby immediately after our wedding. Now that I’m 30, I’m starting to get it (as did half the newly pregnant women I know). Still, if you’re thinking about getting knocked up days after I do–or if you’re not dead-set against it–consider the following. Continue reading

Why I’d Rather Kim Kardashian Have a Baby Out of Wedlock Than Get Married Again

I had lots of wishes for 2013: that there be an end to gun violence. That global warming slows down enough so countries stop melting. And that Kim Kardashian doesn’t get hitched again. Why do I care about that last one? A 72-day-long marriage makes the institution look like a bad joke. When I heard on the last day of 2012 (happy New Year, btw) that she was procreating with Kanye West, who by all accounts seems to be the world’s most conceited human being, my reaction was to shout “Nooooo” in slow motion, like a person just pushed from a building in a movie might. But I’m rethinking that response. Continue reading