The Suckiest Time in Your Life to Go to Weddings

breast-pumpI thought I had been mercifully spared. My pregnancy and my son Jeremy’s first three-and-a-half months of life corresponded with the longest stretch of time I had gone without attending a single wedding since I turned 25. The thought of squishing my bump into a reception-worthy dress and bopping around the dance floor like an awkward manatee was almost as nauseating as the morning sickness. So when the first invite arrived for an event that would take place in my postpartum life, I was thankful for my extended reprieve and excited to get back into the swing of wedding-hopping. But I neglected one key detail. Continue reading

The Time Someone Died on Our Valentine’s Date

After a Valentine’s dinner at a Chili’s when we were freshmen in college, Paul and I decided to step things up for our sophomore-year Valentine’s date. We found a more upscale restaurant in Boston that we could still afford and Paul even agreed to see the romantic comedy of my choosing at a nearby theater. But fate had other plans. Continue reading

6 Things Not to Say to Married Women Who Kept Their Name

Unlike most married ladies, especially the ones where I come from (Staten Island, NY), I didn’t change my last name when I married Paul. And just as being childhood sweethearts and an interfaith couple has caused confusion among traditionalists–and even forward-thinking folks who don’t realize their comments and questions can offend–so has this. Learn from those people’s mistakes and never utter these to women still proudly sporting their maiden names. Continue reading