Meet Meredith Bodgas

That's me; I'm the one who's not a bird

Hi! I’m Meredith Bodgas, aka the Mer in Merital Bliss. I wrote a daily wedding blog for in 2010 and 2011 and loved blogging about weddings and marriage so much that I started this here site. I’ve also been an editor for and, but nothing teaches you about weddings and marriage better than getting married. And I did that in May 2008 with my husband Paul, whom I had been dating since January 1996.

wedding day

That's Paul and me the day we got married. We clean up nicely.

No, I don’t look awesome for my age (30, but who’s counting?). We got together in middle school when we were 13 and it just worked out. We stayed together in high school and college too (he went to Boston College; I went to Brandeis University, a 15-minute drive/grueling hour-and-a-half train ride away). Now we live together in Queens, New York. I’m a senior editor at, and Paul’s a software analyst.

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