2013: The Year of Fewer Brides and Babies?

Let’s discuss triskaidekaphobia, aka fear of the number 13. It’s as real as claustrophobia (fear of closed-in spaces, which I have) and hemaphobia (fear of blood, which I also have). In fact, it’s so real that I’ve yet to encounter an elevator in Manhattan with a button for floor 13. So how is 2013’s impending arrival affecting young women toying with the idea of getting married or pregnant? Continue reading

Should Women Propose? Should Men Wear Engagement Rings?

No, I don't know why she's wearing a wedding dress. You try finding a photo of a woman proposing to a man.

A friend (and I hope I’m not overstepping bounds by calling you a friend!) suggested I write about gender roles as they pertain to proposals, and since I aim to please, here goes. Continue reading

Husband Material: Meet Funny Guy Michael

I’ve only hung out with Michael once (he’s the dude on the subway bench who doesn’t look like he’s going hiking in the Himalayas), but it was enough to learn that he’s a great guy who will constantly make the lucky gal he marries laugh. Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out the glowing review our mutual friend, Stephanie (who’s equally hilarious), gives him. Continue reading

Mindy Kaling Isn’t Afraid to Admit She Wants to Get Married, and I Love Her for It

mindy kalingWanting a loving, long-lasting marriage doesn’t seem to be the thing to do in Hollywood anymore (if it ever was)–unless you’re Mindy Kaling, the hilarious actress/writer from The Office and the author of the book that thoroughly entertained me during my subway rides to and from work this past week. I already adored her, but her thoughts on marriage had me cheering on the train, much to other passengers’ dismay. Continue reading