I Married My Middle-School Bully

Everyone who knew me at Paulo Intermediate School knew at least two things about me: that I had big teeth (still do) and that I had a big crush on my classmate, Paul. Telling everyone I encountered about the object of my affection embarrassed Paul; he’d gone through physical puberty before his brain had a chance to catch up. In retaliation for the humiliation, and probably in an effort to inspire me to move on to the next poor, unsuspecting sixth-grader, Paul teased me mercilessly. Continue reading

The Absolute Silliest Reasons for Which I’ve Gotten Mad at My Husband

I don’t enjoy being angry. I much prefer to talk about butterflies and sing. Truly. But when you’re with someone for 17 years, you’re bound to get mad about something. I try to limit livid responses to only Paul’s most abhorrent actions. Still, on occasion, I’ve become furious over admittedly stupid things. Here are the highlights. Continue reading

Husband Material: Meet Hard-Working New Englander Tim

This is a big day for Merital Bliss. It’s the day Husband Material moves out of the tri-state area and further North and East (though I welcome the day we venture out of the Northeast completely!). And if you’re in Massachusetts and like a man in uniform, you’ll be happy you’re reading this. Continue reading