The Wedding That Made Me Realize I Take My Marriage for Granted

Ordinarily, I crash almost as soon as I get home from a wedding, especially after a two-hour drive, most of which was spent in traffic. But I didn’t want to fall asleep and risk forgetting some important things that occurred to me at this afternoon’s event. Continue reading

A Touching Letter to President Obama on Marriage Equality

As you no doubt know, Barack Obama finally spoke out in support of gay marriage, a first for a sitting president. This stirred up all kinds of emotions in Americans, especially in my former college suitemate, Michael (that’s him on the right). I’ve been lucky enough to have been Mike’s friend as he navigated dating life in our Brandeis days to when he proposed to his wonderful boyfriend Aaron (the bespectacled guy on the left). And in June, I’ll witness them tie the knot. Michael drafted a letter to the president, a must-read if I ever saw one. Continue reading